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Gender Council

Women’s Council of the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) was created in March, 1999. After the 5th LBAS Congress (22 November, 2002) it was renamed Gender Equality Council. It operates on a voluntary basis.

LBAS Gender Equality Council is a coordinating, consultative trade union institution, the main objective of which is to attain equality between the women and the men and to broaden the social opportunities for women.

Functions of LBAS Gender Equality Council:

  • To analyse the situation as regards the area of gender equality in Latvia;
  • To set up working groups for researching and solving the problems of gender equality and equal opportunities;
  • To organise and conduct public polls, other researches;
  • To organise seminars, discussions, conferences and other activities on the problems of gender equality;
  • To participate in international campaigns and activities;
  • To cooperate with those non-governmental organisations, which deal with gender equality problem solving;
  • To cooperate with LBAS affiliates and regional trade union centres as regards the issues of gender equality and equal opportunities.

Cooperation partners:

  • Gender Equality Council of the Ministry of Welfare;
  • Association of Gender Equality of Latvia;
  • Women’s Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC);
  • Women’s Committee of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC);
  • Women Cooperation Network of Latvia.


  • Participation in sociological researches:
  • “The working woman of Latvia – living and working conditions”
  • “On equal remuneration for work of equal value”
  • Publication “Is gender important to protect your rights in the labour market”

Seminars and conferences organised:

  • “The Latvian woman on the labour market”
  • “Creation of qualitative workplaces for all”
  • “Procedure of hearing labour disputes”
  • “Effective ways of conducting negotiations”

Address of Gender Equality Council of

Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia:

Bruninieku iela 29/31
Riga, LV-1001, Latvia
+ 371 6 7035960